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Whether it is practicing yoga or working out, the accessories and the workout equipment play a very important role in helping you achieve your fitness goals.  Atlas Body Fitness brings you an exclusive range of body fitness products.  We offer our premium quality comfortable yoga mats and our versatile pull-up bar.

Comfortable yoga mat


At Atlas Body Fitness, we are very much aware that there is no shortage of fitness equipment and fitness products in the market today.  How do we make our products stand out from the rest; and why should you choose our fitness products?  These are questions that will surely cross your mind too, and we do not want to leave you guessing so here are some compelling reasons why our fitness products are highly recommended for you.

Why Atlas Body Fitness?
  • Firstly, we have been customers ourselves and it is in fact our search for better fitness equipment has led to creating our own products because we were not happy with what we found out there.  We realized that there are thousands of other people that felt the same way about yoga mats, pull-up bars, and other fitness equipment, which they find in the market.  For ourselves, we wanted top quality fitness products but at the same time, we wanted something that is fairly priced.  We have done exactly that with our fitness products; whether it is our yoga mats or pull-up bar.
  • You will find our yoga mats to be lot lighter than the regular PVC mats that you find online, and you will find our mats to be thicker and they give perfect support to your body.  Our yoga mats are made of highly durable material that is comfortable and meant to last.  We can say the same about our pull up bar too.  Our pull-up bar is not only versatile and well put together, but it is also made of superior quality steel.
  • Quality is at the heart of our fitness products and business.  You are sure to get the best value for your money when you choose yoga mats and pull up bar from Atlas Body Fitness.
  • All our fitness products are priced very reasonably.  You do not have to go with those overpriced fitness equipment any longer.  You will not have to compromise on the quality of your fitness products like yoga mats and pull up bars either to keep the costs low.  We have exceptional quality fitness products at the most competitive prices.
  • Whether it is quality or pricing, you need not have to take our word for it, you just need to try it out yourself and you will know the difference instantly.
  • You can conveniently purchase our yoga mats and pull up bar from Amazon and have them delivered at your doorsteps.


If you should have any questions or should need more information about our fitness products do not hesitate to contact us.

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